About Me


Having grown up and being educated in Norfolk, I developed an avid interest in riding and working with horses. My first work with horses was with the Walsingham and Bintree Manor Liveries.

I later went on to further my equine knowledge and returned to Easton College where I studied my First Diploma in Horse Care (FDHC), National Diploma in Horse Management (NDHM) and also an NVQ level 1, BHS stage 1 and Riding and Road Safety. I have also completed a HND in Equine Science and Welfare.

In addition to obtaining these qualifications I have been pleased to have worked alongside Burnham Market Horse Trials, Anchorage Barn Equine Clinic as equine secretary, in addition to offering my services on a freelance basis.

I studied for my degree at the Hartpury Equestrian Centre at Hartpury College, which is one of the country's leading equine educational establishments with an international reputation for excellence and classified by Ofsted as an 'outstanding provider' of equine care, animal science, agricultural and land management courses, sports science, food technology and related courses. In 2008, whilst at the college, I achieved a Bsc Hons in Equine Dental Science.

During this time in Gloucestershire also worked with the Ledbury Hunt.

It is my intention in the near future to attend the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Idaho USA.

Horse Facts


In the wild horses would naturally spend 16-18 hours a day grazing and would even travel upto 20 miles per day to find enough food!

Long in the tooth...

Horses' teeth are often used to estimate the animal's age, hence the saying 'long in the tooth'.

Bit in the teeth?

Contrary to popular belief, the bit of a bridle is not held between the horse's teeth, but instead lies in the "interdental space." This space lacks teeth, providing an ideal area for the bit to rest without forcing the jaws open.